A Different Way to get Your Caffeine Fix Every Morning

Apr 2017

Love a coffee in the morning? How about this for a different way to get your daily coffee fix: Slather yourself with this utterly delicious smelling body scrub from Australian brand, Sukin next time you are in the shower. We are huge fans of this environmentally sound brand, which is not only carbon neutral and vegan but contains no sulphates or artificial colour, fragrances and also doesn’t use any mineral oils. Instead the scrub uses coffee extracts, walnut and coconut shells to exfoliate and polish the skin while aloe vera, coconut oil and jojoba nourish and moisturise.


We use it as pre tan preparation for our skin before we go on holiday and it’s great for removing any tell-tale ‘mistake’ patches of fake tan too!


200ml scrub costs £11.95 from Planet Organic here.