Deet-free insect spray

Jun 2017

Most popular and effective insect repellent sprays contain terribly toxic chemicals, like Deet. Deet is a chemical that was invented in the 1940’s as a chemical pesticide and was then used in the Vietnam War and despite being effective at stopping bites also causes wheezing, headaches and burning eyes! Worse still there have been Deet associated seizures and even deaths.

The chemical sprays also to smell pretty dreadful too. Frustratingly, some more natural bug sprays are not very effective at keeping the mozzies at bay, so what to do? We are pleased to say we think we have the answer in form of ‘Unstung Hero’ by Mrs White. According to the manufacturers, it contains ‘a naturally occurring amino acid ingredient that renders you ‘invisible’ to mosquitoes, ticks, black fly, wasps and bees’ and contains no Deet or chemicals whatsoever.

It’s basically a lemony fresh, Eau de Cologne and the creators describe it as having ‘subtle notes of black tea infused with fresh citrus’. We think you can wear it as a fragrance without anyone knowing you are wearing mosquito protection and you will probably be complimented on your cologne. You could also give a quick squirt to your bedding before you go to sleep and it wont’ stain or mark.

The bottle says that it protects for 4 hrs, although we would reapply every 2 hours to be on the safe side depending on humidity and other conditions and its safe to use on kids over 3 years old.

A 250 ml bottle costs £20.00 and is available to buy at Victoria Health here.