Why ditching the diet makes so much sense

Jan 2019

Three weeks into January and we wonder how many of us have managed to stick to those well-intentioned but often unattainable resolutions?

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, we are more of the view that it is about balance. That’s why we were so excited to get stuck into the new ‘6-week programme’ by the queen of common-sense personal training, the gorgeous Louise Parker. Trainer and general lifestyle guru extraordinaire, we fully support her goals of ‘ditching the diet’ and ‘living beautifully’, taking lessons from her Instagram feed full of her three adorable girls and apparently effortless ability to achieve the goal of ‘having it all’.

Louise’s latest manifesto to fitness and healthy eating is so simple that it makes following the rules a pleasure. Nothing is banned and we are encouraged to ‘pay our daily rent’ when it comes to movement and exercise. Her books are filled with easy workouts and simple, delicious meals, ideal for busy families.

Having had personal experience of working with Louise her wonderful team, we can vouch for how simple and effective this programme is to follow. This is not about dieting, but a practical and realistic perspective to help us achieve our goals.

Her approach tackles mindset, as well as habits, encouraging consistency and the fact that small changes make the biggest difference over the long term. You’ll never feel hungry, or deprived of your favourite treats, but are encouraged to consider which of those treats are ‘worth it’. Her latest book is filled with food inspiration, including mouth-watering recipes like Sunshine Fish Stew, Crunchy Crab Salad and there’s even a deliciously healthy recipe for Chicken Tikka Masala!

While we maintain that having a bikini body is as simple as donning your perfectly fitting, Violet Lake bikini, we cannot deny that a little help in achieving a healthier lifestyle is always appreciated.

Thank you Louise. x